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Six factors affects a grinding wheel’s service life

grinding wheel's service life

Welcome to forturetools,I’m Brian,Today we are going to talk about”Six factors affects a grinding wheel’s service life”

grinding wheel's service life1)Quality:
The low quality of grinding wheels reduces their service life.
So, one should use good and high quality wheels
so that these wheels do not wear fast.

grinding wheels reduces2)Grinding wheel superfluous dressing:
Superfluous dressing not only affect grinding quality,
but also reduce the grinding wheel’s service life.

Grinding wheel superfluous dressing3)Improper usage of wheels:
Improper usage of wheels will short grinding wheel’s service life.

Improper usage of wheels4)Selection of grinding wheel:
Different grinding wheels should be chosen for different workpiece materials and different processing requirements.
For an example: Diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding alloys, precious stones and other non metallic materials
but these are not suitable for grinding steel.

Selection of grinding wheel5)Grinding speed:
The grinding speed should be chosen according to the type and mode of wheel.
If grinding speed is not taken care of,
then it can increase the unnecessary costs and cause wheel wear.

Grinding speed6) Type of grinding fluid:
Different grinding fluid will make grinding wheel grinding ratio several times, or even more than ten times.

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