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Why grinding wheel need to dress?

grinding wheel dressing

Welcome to forturetools,I’m Brian,Today we are going to talk about”Why grinding wheel need to dress?

grinding wheel dressingIn the grinding process, abrasive particle’s edges of the grinding wheel gradually rounded or blunt , under the abrasive friction and extrusion effect,or grinding wheel surface often embedded in the pores of the grinding wheel surface clogging, when grind ductile materials, these reasons finally make the grinding wheel cutting capacity loss.

grinding wheel dressingThis will make the grinding wheel and workpiece slipping, the vibration and noise may be caused at the same time, and the grinding efficiency will be reduced and the surface roughness will be worse.

grinding wheel dressingAt the same time, because of the increase of grinding force and grinding heat, it will cause deformation and affect the grinding accuracy.
grinding wheel dressingBurns and small cracks may also appear on the grinding surface.
grinding wheel dressingIn addition, due to the uneven hardness of the grinding wheel and abrasive grains different working conditions,
the grinding wheel working surface will be worn unevenly, abrasive parts fall off somewhat unequal, resulting in loss of the grinding wheel shape of workpiece surface viscosity Shape accuracy and surface roughness.

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