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3 aspects the user care most of the grinding wheel

3 aspects the user care most of the grinding wheel


Hi, I’m Brian from forturetools. I’ve been in the abrasive industry for more than 8 years, according to my experience and clients’ feedback, I found that there are 3 aspects the user care most of the grinding wheel, that is grinding wheel ’s sharpness, roughness and service life.

grinding wheel bond type and grit

Sharpness and roughness related to bond type and grit.

Generally speaking, metal bond and electroplated bond usually use rougher abrasive grain for rough grinding, which makes the grinding wheel more aggressive. If you want fine or superfine grinding, resin bond and vitrified bond match with fine-grit is the best option.

Self sharpening ability

Self-sharpening ability is also an important factor in the grinding wheel.

When you choose a grinding wheel, you should choose not only abrasive grain type, bond type, but also need to consider the grinding wheel’s hardness according to the material’s hardness to be ground.

The hardness of the grinding wheel refers to the abrasive section, mainly refer to the binder’s holding force to the abrasive grains. If the material to be ground is hard, we should choose a soft formula grinding wheel, and vice versa.

grinding wheel holding force

If the hardness is incorrect, may cause following problem.

Too soft,
The holding force of the binder is weak which cause the grinding wheel use up quickly.

Too hard,
The holding force of the binder is strong which may cause the dull grain cannot full off and new grains covered behind won’t stand out, which cause the grinding wheel’s grinding ability to become weaker or lose the grinding ability.

abrasive grain and bond type

Bond type is the main factors affect the service life,

for the same size grinding wheels, the metal bond has the longest service life, resin bond or vitrified bond second, then electroplated bond. The service life also depends on the abrasive section thickness. Cause electroplated grinding wheel can only coat single layer on the steel body, when the edge become dull, it cannot work well. Fortunately, this type of grinding wheel can re-coat abrasive sand on the used body, and this type of grinding wheel can be formed into all kinds of irregular shapes.

Long service life good sharpness grinding wheel

Conclusion & Mrbrianzhao’s Suggestion:

So we should not only care about grinding wheel’s sharpness, roughness and service life but also need to get the basic knowledge of the features of each type of wheels. Which will help us choose the handle tools to work?
I’m Brian, if you have any questions related to grinding,polishing, cutting and drilling, feel free to contact me.

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