For auto industry,we use different grinding wheels for different parts,diamond grinding wheels for auto glass,CBN grinding wheels for crankshaft or camshaft and more other customized tools is also available.

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Vitrified CBN Crankshaft Grinding Wheel

For crankshaft grinding, vitrified CBN grinding wheel is the best option. Vitrified CBN Crankshaft grinding wheels are innovative tools with grinding features that are mainly used in industrial fields like automotive, aircraft, aerospace, truck, diesel, etc.

Electroplated Diamond Reamer for Adjustable and Stationary Type

Diamond reamers produce accurate geometrical holes with a controlled surface finish. They feature a diamond spiral sleeve mounted on a conical spindle, which gives their diameter a perfect adjustment. The two types of diamond reamers are electroplated adjustable and stationary diamond reamers. Both types are ideal for use when errors are made while working on a work piece. With these diamond reamers, you can make corrections easily on errors made on geometrical holes during initial production processes. Besides, diamond reamers are ideal tools for hole finishing of ferrous automobile parts,  cast iron-based hydraulic parts, and so on Note: Our production time for customized specifications is around 15 days. Contact us today for a sample product before placing your order. Price is negotiable depending on the quantity of your order.