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Six types of grinding wheels for engine industry

Six types of grinding wheels for engine industry

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Today,we are going to talk about “grinding wheels for engine industry”

For engine industry,
they usually use CBN grinding wheel most often,
cause these parts are made of different types of steel.

The first CBN wheel I will introduce is vitrified CBN surface grinding wheel
Vitrified CBN surface grinding wheel are used to
finish grinding bearings, piston rings, gaskets, shims,
compressor parts, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials,
cutting tools, vane pump stators, rotors,
blade end faces, precision springs, etc.

The second one is Vitrified CBN cylindrical grinding wheel
Vitrified CBN cylindrical grinding wheel is mainly used for
cams and journals of automobiles, tractors, and engine crankshafts and camshafts.

The third one,CBN grinding wheel for valve lock clamp
This kind of CBN grinding wheel is mainly used for the grinding of
the valve lock clamping groove,
and it can also be used for grinding the seat surface grinding,
chamfer grinding, arc and other parts of the valve disc.

The fourth,Electroplating CBN grinding wheel for slot grinding
Slot grinding Electroplating CBN grinding wheel is a high-precision slotted grinding wheel,
mainly used for Slotting grinding of automotive transmission shafts,
steering valve spools, rotary vane compressors,
vane pump rotor slots, and other industrial workpieces.

The fifth,High-precision electroplating CBN mounted points
Which are used for precision grinding of gears, worms,
nozzles, bearing bushings and automotive parts.
Grinding materials include alloy steel, high-speed steel, ceramics, powder metallurgy and so on.

The sixth,Internal cylindrical grinding vitrified CBN grinding wheel
Which is mainly used for high-precision internal grinding of workpieces
such as pistons, automotive steering pumps, rotary vane compressor stators,
piston refrigeration compressor cylinders and bearings.

Above is six CBN grinding wheels for engine industry,
which is part of grinding wheels for car industry.

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