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Grinding Wheel Basic Information you have to know

Grinding Wheel Basic Information you have to know

Hi,I’m Brian,we are Specialized in abrasive solution and offer customized abrasive tools.

Many grinding wheel user’s plan to buy a grinding wheel,
But it’s not convenient to send samples to supplier due to the shipping cost and other reason,
Neither can offer enough information to grinding wheel suppliers.
Which makes them failed to get support.
Today we are going to talk about “Grinding Wheel Basic Information you have to know”

1,Shape and Size

If you ever used a grinding wheel before,that’s great.
You can take a photo to show the shapes and measure the size of each part.
But some people still don’t know which measurement is necessary,

I will make another video and teach you the basic skill to mesure and make a drawing.
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2,Material (Diamond,CBN or whatelse abrasive grain)
Get to know the grinding wheel’s abrasive grain is Diamond or CBN. Or tell supplier’s your usage,they will almost know what material is suitable for you.
I have another video on youtube channel title”Which abrasive tool is suit for you” may have a clue for you.

3,Grit/grain size
This will tell your requirement of the surfacing result,how rough can meet your requirement.The bigger the number is the finer.

Most oftenly use bind are metal,resin,vitrified,electroplated,brazed and so on,which can also judge from the photo.

Above is basic information need to know before inquiry.

I’m Brian,if you have any question related GRINDING,POLISHING,CUTTING,DRILLING. Don’t forget to contact me or view our website www.forturetools.com

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