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Five types of grinding wheels for gear industry

Five types of grinding wheels for gear industry

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Today,we are going to talk about “five types of grinding wheels for gear industry”

The first one, no burning and high efficiency grinding wheel.

Which is a new type grinding wheeldeveloped by forturetools according to gear grinding industry.

The grinding wheel is made of GDV low temperature binder,SG and hollow ball abrasive.

The grinding life is 5-8 times that of ordinary abrasive.

Second,worm grinding wheel

The worm grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding
the worm gear and worm gear surface of the reducer.

The product has good stability, high grinding accuracy
and small cumulative pitch error.

It can maintain continuous involute and helical gear geometry.

It has good transmission stability and low transmission noise.

So it is widely used for grinding of small and medium size gear.

Especially the grinding of mass gear.

The third, diamond rotary dresser for gear grinding machine.
The type diamond roller is used on the gear grinding machine.

Dressing for ordinary ceramic grinding wheel or CBN grinding wheel.

After the grinding wheel is formed, then grind the workpieces.
Make the contour,the accuracy and size to be copied to the surface of the machined parts.

Compared with the traditional single point diamond dresser’s trimming,

The efficiency of production has been greatly improved.

The surface quality and accuracy of the parts processed are even higher.

It is especially suitable for high precision and mass production.

The fourth,Bevel gear grinding wheel
Which use SG, white corundum abrasives, ceramic bond and so on
which were sintered at high temperature.

The fifth,Gear hob cutter grinding wheel
Gear hobbing cutter is high speed steel material
So we choose resin bonded CBN grinding wheel.

The first step is use GC grinding wheel to repair the resin CBN grinding wheel.

To make sure the concentricity is good,

Then grind gear hobbing blade.

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