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The difference between resin and ceramic grinding wheel

resin and ceramic grinding wheel

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Today,we are going to talk about
The difference between resin and ceramic grinding wheel.
resin and ceramic grinding wheelThe binders are the main difference between
resin grinding wheel and ceramic grinding wheel.
In terms of the properties of the binder,
the ceramic bond is inorganic and the resin bond is the organic bond.
resin grinding wheelHence, the properties and uses of
these two grinding wheels are different:
these two grinding wheels1, ceramic grinding wheel:
because its bond is ceramic,
so its chemical composition is stable,
heat resistance, water resistance, strength, but more brittle.
In the following cases, such grinding wheels are the best option.
Such as external grinding machine and surface grinding machine,
because ceramic grinding wheel will generate a lot of heat when working,
so it is better to use water to cool
ceramic grinding wheel2, resin grinding wheel:
resin is organic binder,
so it has higher elasticity and strength.
But it has poor firmness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
When the grinding wheel is grinded with end face,
the resin type grinding wheel is the best option.
when the material is used for cutting,
the resin bonded grinding wheel can be selected;
resin grinding wheel:resin bonded wheel is used
when the grinding wheel speed is higher.
ceramic grinding wheels have different colors
according to different materials,
usually blue, white, red, green, black and so on,
the resin is generally dark brown.
From the smell, ceramic grinding wheel generally tasteless,
resin grinding wheel has a resin of tartaric acid odor
From the sound, the ceramic grinding wheel
has the crisp sound when strike,
the resin grinding wheel sound is hoarse and low.

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