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Diamond dressers, diamond rotary dressers or dressing stones, Which is best tool for grinding wheel?

Dressing stones diamond dresser and rotary dresser

What tools do we use for dressing the grinding wheel?

First,we need to know, under what circumstances do the grinding wheels need to be dressed?

  1. When the surface of the grinding wheel is worn
  2. When scrap blocks the surface of the grinding wheel
  3. When the shape of the grinding wheel needs to be trimmed


The purpose of dressing in the first two cases is for increasing grinding efficiency, which can be called sharpening.

The purpose of the third case is to modify the shape, which can be called profiling.

To dress different grinding wheels, we use different dressing tools.

There are three main types of dressing tools available: dressing stones, diamond dressers and diamond rotary dressers.

Dressing stone diamond dresser and rotary dresser

The dressing of diamond grinding wheels is different from that of conventional grinding wheels.

When dressing diamond grinding wheels, we can use dressing stones. This rectangular shape white corundum dressing stone is often used as a dressing tool for dressing glass edging wheels.WA-Dressing-Stones

When dressing conventional grinding wheels, if it is simple dressing, we can use a diamond dresser. The diamond dresser we can choose are single-point, multi-point and powdered sintered diamond dressers.Diamond-Dressers

Diamond rotary dressers are used when high precision and complex shape dressing are required. Electroplated diamond rotary dressers and sintered diamond rotary dressers can be selected.

Diamond rotary dressers are more suitable for batch dressing, with high dressing efficiency and long life.


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