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Bond, the second material affects abrasive grinding wheel

Bond, the second material affects abrasive grinding wheel

Today we will talk about the second element of grinding wheel, the bond.

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What is a bond?

Bond is a material that combines abrasive grains together, which forms an abrasive layer of different shapes. The hardness of the grinding wheel what we call is actually the bonding strength.

grinding wheel Bond

Super-hard grinding wheels (including diamond and CBN grinding wheels), the main bonding agents include Metal, resin, vitrified, electroplated and brazed bonding agent etc.Super-abrasive-grinding-wheels

Conventional grinding wheels (including aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheels), the main bonding agents are vitrified, resin and rubber, etc.



How to distinguish grinding wheels with different bonds from their appearance?


The metal bond is usually bronze, so the metal bond can sometimes be called a bronze bond.

So it is obvious that yellow or golden yellow is a metal bond. But it is still different from sprayed yellow, which will be brighter than the sprayed color.


The resin bond is darker in color, and it is almost difficult to distinguish with the naked eye whether it is a diamond or a CBN grinding wheel.



If it is a vitrified bond, you can see that the diamond grinding wheel’s color is usually white or yellow. And CBN wheel’s color is black, which is the abrasive grain’s original color. This judgment method is also applicable to a conventional grinding wheels.


Electroplated-grinding-wheel-for band saw

Above bonds usually have a thick abrasive layer. So if you see a single layer on a steel body, it must be an electroplated bond. And the golden color is an electroplated diamond wheel, black color is an electroplated CBN wheel.



Brazed bond is similar to an electroplated bond, only has a single layer, most of them are diamond, and it is usually sprayed with silver color or golden color.


The characteristics of different bonds:

1) Metal bond (code M or J): mostly bronze. High strength, good formability but poor self-sharpening, mainly used for diamond grinding wheels.

2) Resin bond (code S or B): high strength, good elasticity, good self-sharpening, suitable for thin grinding wheels and fine grinding wheels; poor heat resistance, high-speed grinding and grinding burns are prone to occur.

3) Ceramic bond (code V or A): stable in nature, good in heat dissipation, high in grinding efficiency, but brittle and sensitive to vibration.

4) Rubber bond (code R or X): the best elasticity. It is used for guide wheels, flake grinding wheels and polishing grinding wheels of centerless grinders.

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