What grinding wheel you should use?

Do you really think the abrasive tool you are using now is the best for you?

Or you are planning to buy an abrasive tool and don’t know which one is suitable.

Here is some information that may help you.

First, you have to know different abrasive grains suit for different usage.

These abrasive tools mainly used abrasive grains are Diamond, CBN(cubic brone nitride), aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide.

best abrasive tool

Diamond tools are mainly used for machining quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, ceramics, sapphire, refractory, glass and so on.



CBN tools are suitable for machining high-speed steel, tool steel, mold steel, titanium alloy and so on.


Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Tools are used for alloy steel, high-speed steel, hardened steel, etc.


Silicon Carbide Abrasive Tools are used for brittle and tungsten carbide, gemstone and glass grinding, cutting, or superfine grinding.


Some industries have certain abrasive tools in corresponded.

Like Glass Industry, Photovoltaic Industry, Optical Industry, Auto Industry, Woodworking Industry and cutting tools industry and so on.

Abrasive-tools-for-Glass-and-Photovaltaic-IndustryGrinding-wheel-for-Optical-and-Auto-industry  Abrasive-tools-for-Woodworking-and-Tungsten-industry

Above is just a general idea, different industries, different machines, different people have different requirements.

If you still have any questions about abrasive tools related to grinding, polishing, cutting and drilling, don’t worry, MrBrianzhao is the right person to give you answer.

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