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What grinding wheel do they use in glass industry?

what grinding wheel do they use in glass industry

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Today,we are going to talk about
“what grinding wheel do they use in glass industry”

You must have already known
“diamond grinding wheel” is most suitable for glass grinding.
From my previous video title
“Diamond Or cbn grinding wheel,which is your best option?
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So for glass industry,
they use diamond grinding wheel for glass processing,
especially for glass edge grinding.
There are many types of grinding wheel they oftenly used,
full segmented, half segmented(external or internal ),
full rim cup grinding wheels,pencil grinding wheel,
OG grinding wheel and more.

These grinding wheels are suitable for building glass,
furniture glass,auto glass,optical glass,photovaltaic glass and so on.

They are generally used in straight line machine,
double edging machine, shape edging machine,
profiling milling machines and CNC equipment etc.

There are several positions on a machine,
so different possition use different grinding wheels.
Usually,first position use metal bond with rough grit diamond,
then metal bond or resin bond with fine grit diamond grinding wheel.
After grinding,they also use polishing wheels
like BD wheel,BK wheel,wool felt polishing wheel and polishing powder.

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