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What fields does diamond rotary dresser used in?

What fields does diamond rotary dresser used in

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Today,we are going to talk about “diamond rotary dresser”
There are two types of rotary dresser from producing method,sintering and electroplating.
Sintering diamond rotary dresser is suitable for large quantities of high precision machining
and suitable for all kinds of high hardness grinding wheel.
Electroplated diamond rotary dresser
is divided into two kinds:
the outer plating method and the inner plating method
The outer plating process is simple, short cycle and low cost.
Therefore, Use this type when the requirement of the precision of the workpiece is not high

Internal plating

The rotary dresser is made of high strength diamond,
which makes the diamond content on the working surface very high and little impurity.
This kind of roller can achieve high precision without trimming.
Less wear and good shape accuracy while grinding,
which is favorable for prolonging the service life

Diamond rotary dresser with inner plating method
Suitable for processing the ordinary abrasive wheels with low abrasive hardness in medium batch and high precision.

Diamond rotary dresser with external plating method
Suitable for processing ordinary abrasive wheels with relatively low precision in medium and small batches and with low abrasive hardness

Sintering Diamond rotary dresser
Suitable for the processing of medium and large quantity high-precision workpieces, and is suitable for dressing various kinds of high hardness grinding wheels
The general CNC NC trajectory diamond rotary dresser must be sintered.

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