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Three types of grinding wheels for bearing industry

Three types of grinding wheels for bearing industry

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Today,we are going to talk about “Three types of grinding wheels for bearing industry”
Bearing groove grinding wheel,vitrified CBN internal grinding wheel and Resin bond CBN surface grinding wheel.

Bearing groove grinding wheel is applied to grinding and processing various kinds of bearing raceway.
The groove grinding wheel can be used in the grinding of the outer groove of the bearing inner ring
and the thread grinding of the workpiece, which can be compared with the international similar products.

It has the characteristics of high grinding precision and fast efficiency.

Vitrified CBN internal grinding wheel is used not only for the inner diameter of the bearing inner wheel and the groove of the outer wheel,
but also for the grinding of the inner surface of the compressor and the parts of the pump body.
It is also used for the inner surface grinding of automobile parts, gear, nozzle, valve body, cross joint cover, connecting rod,inner diameter of the CVJ outer ball seat and the groove bed, the CVJ ball frame window and the grinding of the inner sphere.
There are many kinds of materials, such as carburized steel, carbon steel, bearing steel, sintered alloy and more is suitable to be grinded.

Resin bond Cubic boron nitride surface grinding wheel,
mainly used for fine grinding bearings, gearshift gears, gaskets, slots,
compressor parts, water oil pressure pump blades, precision springs and so on.

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