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The differences between black corundum and black silicon carbide

The differences between black corundum and black silicon carbide

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Today,we are going to talk about
“The differences between black corundum and black silicon carbide”

Black corundum conception:

Black corundum, also known as low alumina corundum,
a gray black crystal which is mainly made of alpha -Al2O3 and iron spinel
by melting bauxite in an electric arc furnace.

Its characteristic is that the content of Al2O3
is low and contains a certain amount of Fe2O3 (about 10%),
so it has the characteristics of moderate hardness, high resistance,
high temperature resistance and stable thermal performance.

It is mainly used in coarse grinding,
mainly used for polishing and sandblasting of stainless steel,
metal products,optical glass and bamboo wood products.
It is also a novel abrasive for making resin grinding wheels,
cutting disc and sand cloth.

Black silicon carbide conception:

Black silicon carbide is made of quartz sand, stone tar
and fine silica as main raw materials,
and is smelted by resistance furnace at high temperature.
Its hardness is between corundum and diamond,
and its mechanical strength is higher than corundum.
It is brittle and sharp.


Black SiC contains about 95% SiC,
and its resistance is higher than that of green silicon carbide.
Most of them are used to process materials with low tensile strength,
such as glass,ceramics,stone, refractory materials,cast iron and nonferrous metals.

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