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1A1 flat shape electroplated diamond grinding wheel for tungsten carbide

1A1 flat shape electroplated diamond grinding wheel for tungsten carbide is the most popular grinding wheels for tungsten carbide tools processing. It is also used for all kinds of other hard carbides, optical glass, gem, semiconductor materials, non-ferrous materials, and non-metallic material grinding, cutting or electrolytic grinding.

Half segmented diamond cup wheel for glass

Half segmented diamond cup wheel is usually used for 2nd position of glass edging machine, after rough grinding of full segmented diamond cup grinding wheel.It is suit for medium rough grinding of glass, diamond grain size usually 150# and 180# mesh. Popular size is 175 x 38x12x10x10mm

Resin bond diamond cup wheel for glass edging

Resin bond diamond cup wheel is used for glass edge processing, usually for fine grinding after the position of metal bond diamond grinding wheel. Grain size usually 200# mesh and 240# mesh. Diameter can be 100mm,130mm and 150mm according to clients machine types.

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD PCBN cutting tools

Vitrified bond diamond cup grinding wheels are mainly used for PCD, PCBN, cemented carbide, ceramic cutting tools and other milling cutter, bit, reamer superhard cutting tools peripheral surface,slope,cavities etc.

Diamond Drill bits and countersinks for glass hole

Diamond Drill Bits and countersinks are diamond tools for glass hole drilling and countering. They can also drill holes like ceramic, porcelain, stone, limestone, gemstones, marble, granite, slate, shell and bone. As well as agate drilling or core extraction. Diamond Drill Bits include different shank types, such as straight shank, taper shank, internal and external threaded shank. Diamond-section wall thickness usually 1mm and height 10mm around.

BK glass polishing wheel

Cup Shape: Can replace 10S wheel for the same position, suitable for straight line machine, beveling machine, double edging machine,2 times service life of 10S wheel. Flat Shape: Suitable for single-arm irregular shape machine, multi-arm irregular shape machine, straight line round edge machine, mainly used for the last process of polishing on irregular shape machine.It has good polishing adaptation;it is easy to appear bright line and leaking edge polishing.

BD polishing wheel for glass

BD polishing wheel is suitable for home glass, home appliance glass, engineering glass and other industries. Suit round edge machine, shape edge machine, double edger machine, CNC equipment, shape edger machine, etc. This wheel has the characteristics of high polishing brightness, long shape retention and high durability.

10S polishing wheel for glass

10S Polishing wheel is mainly used for glass edging, double edging, bevelling machine. They are special for fine polishing on the bottom edge and chamfering polish of glass. It has 10S40, 10S60, 10S80.

Full rim diamond cup wheel for glass

Full rim diamond cup wheel is suitable for all kinds of glass in glass-industry like building glass, furniture glass, auto glass, photovoltaic glass and so on. Which is usually used on the position  No.2 or No.3 according to the machine type. For Straight edge machine, beveling machine, bilateral machine,numerical control machine,such as Bavelloni, Bottero, Glassline,Schiatti, etc

Full segmented diamond grinding wheel

Full segmented diamond grinding wheel is the first position on glass edging machine, which is used for building glass, furniture glass, and other similar glass sheets rough grinding. Suit for straight line/double edging machine, beveling machine and so on.

CNC Diamond Milling Cutter

Diamond Milling Cutter is a milling tool which is made of bronze powder and synthetic diamond grains, sintered in high temperature and high pressure. Which make diamond can be firmly fixed on the matrix, to make sure it has good cooling status, each diamond milling cutter has water holes inside,

Single multi point natural diamond dresser

Diamond Dressers are made with natural diamond and synthetic materials like CVD, PCD and MCD. in steel shanks of various shapes for straight or form dressing. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels. It is including Single-point, multi-point, chisel shape, straight, angle, and radius configurations. They are used for improving abrasive grinder performance by helping round the wheel and clean, shape or open the wheel face.