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Forturetools produce abrasive tools for grinding, polishing, drilling and cutting. Most of them are made from abrasive grains of diamond, CBN, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

Auto industry (2)

Bearing Industry (2)

Bonded Abrasives (12)

CBN grinding wheel (9)

Cutting tool industry (9)

Cutting Wheels (9)

Diamond Grinding Wheel (25)

Diamond tools (20)

Electroplated grinding wheel (10)

Gear industry (3)

Glass industry (26)

Grinding Wheels (23)

Iron and steel industry (3)

Metal bond grinding wheel (8)

Mounted Points (9)

Polishing Wheel (12)

Resin bond grinding wheel (13)

Sharpening Stones (7)

Vitrified bond grinding wheel (10)

uncategorized (1)

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