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Grinding Wheels for Iron and steel Industry

Grinding Wheels for Iron and steel Industry

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Today,we are going to talk about
“Grinding Wheels for iron and steel Industry”

Brief Introduction:
The grinding wheel used in iron and steel industry
is mainly used for grinding iron castings, steel castings,
brass, bronze, aluminum alloy and non-metallic materials.

It has the following characteristics:
1, Good toughness and high strength
2. Excellent self sharpening performance and no need to be trimmed
3. Long service life and high metal removal rate

Following are Three types of this field grinding wheels as Example.

First,roll grinding wheel

Roll grinding wheel is widely used in various hot-rolled steel plates,
cold-rolled steel sheets, silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates,
and non-ferrous metal strips in iron and steel works.

As well as the work rolls of aluminum foil and other production lines,
the grinding of backup rollers and the grinding of metal rollers used in the paper industry.
Grinding process is divided into three stages:
rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.
The line speed is up to 60m/s.
It has the advantages of high strength, uniform hardness,
good self sharpening and high grinding efficiency.
The roller has no chatter and high precision.

Second, bolt fastening wheel

The bolt fastening wheel has grooves, cooling holes and parallel holes.
It is mainly used for grinding parts with smooth surface,
such as bearing parts, compressor parts, clutch plates, piston rings,
baffles, chain saws, magnetic steel, magnets, molds, piping equipment, etc.

Third,Rail grinding wheel

Rail grinding wheel is used for surface grinding of steel rails.
The products are accessories to heavy steel rail grinding machines.
They are superior of heavy pressure grinding, high cutting efficiency, and long service life.

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