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Abrasive grain one of the elements which affects grinding wheels – forturetools

Abrasive grain, one of the elements which affects grinding wheels - forturetools

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We all know that there are three main types of abrasives, super-hard abrasives, conventional abrasives, and coated abrasives.

super abrasives and conventional bonded abrasives
No matter which type it is, abrasive grains are the main part involved in grinding, so the abrasive layer containing the abrasive part is also called the working layer.

diamond and CBN abrasive grain

The main abrasive grains of super-hard grinding wheels are diamond and CBN, and the main abrasives of conventional grinding wheels are aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.
For processing workpieces of different materials, we choose different abrasive grains.
Another concept related to abrasive grain is particle size, also called grit.
The particle size of the grinding wheel mainly affects the roughness of the machined surface and the grinding efficiency.

rough grinding

If a large grinding allowance is required and high work efficiency is most important for you, coarser abrasive grains should be used.

Because the abrasive grains are coarse and the pores are large, the grinding depth can be larger, and the grinding wheel is not easy to block and generate heat.

For high finish requirements, finer abrasive grains can be selected, and the grinding allowance is small at this time.

Generally speaking, for those who do not have high requirements for the finish, we choose rough grinding to prompt work efficiency as much as possible. For higher-finish requirements, fine grinding is used.

rough and fine particle abrasive grain

If you want to increase production efficiency and improve the surface finish of the workpiece. You can use a rough grinding wheel first, then finer grit.

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