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3 points for storage of grinding wheels


Safety should be the utmost priority while doing any kind of work

like: storing grinding wheels.

These are to be handled with care

because bending and dropping can be a big problem.

grinding wheels storage solutionFor this, one needs to follow few rules In case causing any problems.

The below mentioned steps are to be followed:

1.Find a dry and spacious place for storing these wheels.

The place should be highly ventilated and the temperature should be in the range of 10 and 30 degrees,

storage-of-grinding-wheel-(2)mind it!

Both humidity and freezing water can lessen the density of grinding wheels and cause a great damage.

It should also be kept in mind that the temperature in the storage area should not be less than 4 degrees.

grinding-wheel storage solution guide2.The grinding wheels should be stored on a straw mattress or a soft surface for their safety.

Arrange the wheels column wise if there is a large quantity of wheels.

small grinding wheels on the top shelvesKeep the small grinding wheels on the top shelves while keeping the heavier ones on the bottom.

The height should not be an issue while arranging the wheels on the bottom shelf.

wheels on the bottom shelfThe cut off wheels should be placed in flat position because an upright or erected position can lead to distortion of the wheel.

wheel storing flat position3.Find a best suitable place for the storage that will not be a problem in the later days.

It should be arranged in such a manner that you do not need to rearrange them time and again.

The best way is to keep the heavier grinding wheels in the warehouse while placing the opposite ones that is,

smaller ones and the ones you need almost every day on the shelf.

It will be easier to take these out.

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