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Mr.BrianZhao’s 8 years in abrasive industry

Mr.BrianZhao’s Vlog, my 8 years in abrasive industry

I joined in forturetools in August 2011.

Work in the International Trade Department.

Responsible for developing global markets.

In addition to learning basic theoretical knowledge,

I have to understand the production process and product characteristics.

Only in this way can we solve the problem for our customers better.

From product development to product processing.

Both the grinding wheelbase and the sintered abrasive layer need to be processed.

The diameter and inner hole of the product are measured by various measuring instruments.

The hardness tester was used to test the hardness of the abrasive layer.
It has to meet the clients’ requirements.

Because too soft life will be short, too hard will not grind the workpiece very well.

Products ready for delivery need to be numbered and marked.

It is convenient to inquire and control batch numbers when problems arise.

Coat with anti-rust oil and cover with protective film.

To ensure that the metal matrix is not rusty.

Protect with high-quality pearl cotton and pack in carton.

Ensure that customers receive intact products.

We delivery in a fast way to make sure customers can receive at the first time.

If you have any questions related grinding, polishing, cutting and drilling, feel free to contact Mrbrianzhao.

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