How to measure and make 6A2 grinding wheel drawing

how to measure and make 6A2 grinding wheel drawing

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Today Mr.Brian zhao will tell you how to measure and make a grinding wheel drawing, we will take 6A2 cup shape grinding wheel as sample.

Finding a grinding wheel shape and measure the necessary size.

Step 1, Find a grinding wheel shape in the shape chart of search a shape which is similar to your grinding wheel

Step 2, Measure all the sizes according to the drawing, the measuring result will take place of the letters on the drawing.

Step 3, Make a drawing by Auto CAD or what else suitable software,if your grinding wheel shape is a little different from the script,you can modify a little.

Learn basic Auto CAD drawing skill is helpful.
If you still have difficult to draw a grinding wheel.
You can measure detail size of each part of the grinding wheel,take photos and mark the size on the photos.

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