Glass polishing wheels’ option tips and types


Four factors should consider when select glass polishing wheels

1. Types of glass grinding machine

Bavelloni beveling machine,Bottero glass grinding & bevelling machine(Numeric control variable angle straight line edgers,Numeric control straight line bevelling machine),Schiatti Angelo vertical glass edging machines,Busetti double-edging machines and systems etc glass processing machines and systems.
2. Diamond grinding wheel situation during rough and fine grinding
3. Requirements of the fineness of glass edge,means how fine do you want it the grinding or polishing result to be.
4. Standard of grinding and polishing,

Glass edge polishing tools types

1, 10S series wheels
2, 9R series wheels
3, BD series wheels
4, BK series wheels
5, Polishing tools for glass engraving machine
6, Cerium oxide polishing tool
7, Wool felt polishing wheels

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