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What is balance hole on the grinding wheels

balance hole on diamond dressing wheel

Welcome to forturetools,I’m Brian.Today we are going to talk about “balance hole on the grinding wheels”

Many clients confused why there are extra holes drilled on the side of the grinding wheels.What exactly is this for?

The extra hole of which you note is known as a balance hole.

A balance hole was generated in the progress of dynamic balance.When the grinding wheel rotate,if one side is heavier than the other side,we have to remove some

material from the body to make the heavier side lighter. This will make the grinding wheel rotate without shaking.

Most balance holes are found in diamond or CBN grinding wheels.The body usually aluminum or steel.

It will not change the characteristics of your grinding wheels,it is helpful not harmful to your tools.

So don’t worry about these extra holes on the grinding wheels.
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